Our company manufactures glass chandelier accessories since 1990, and offers our articles, which in our current line of accessories for designer lamps, focus on the handling of pipes, profiles and rods range CONTURAX and DURAN borosilicate glass tubes and in AR-GLASS neutral glass in a wide range of measures both outside diameters and wall thickness.


 The main characteristic of this glass is its high resistance to          temperature changes. It's the best glass to use with halogen or  incandescent lamps.


 - You can cut both straight and bevel, to the extent that the customer       needs. 
- Possibility to sand matting in whole or in part. 
- The standard made possible dimensions ranging from 3 m / m to 105      m / m, and on request it is possible to make any kind of outside              diameter and wall expressors. 
- Custom designs and custom made projects.
  There are smooth tube and inner grooved on some measures.

Cut to length, DURAN borosilicate glass, neutral glass tubes AR-GLASS, profiles CONTURAX, beveled, sandblasting, oval profiles, cilinder, square, smooth or grooved interior.

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